Welcome and thanks for all the fish

I am very happy you did visit my blog. This is made for you, I mean. You know, what would be the reason to spent time writing articles just for me. I love to read and I do read a lot. But my own text? No thanks. It’s quite boring (I do already know what I was planning to write).

And because this has been made for you, I would love to add on material and information that give you something. If you are wondering something Azure / Microsoft / Security / Whatever related, please let me know. Maybe I can consult you. Or share some experiences. Or at least point you to right direction.

Yeah, some background information. Who am I?

  • My name is Sami Isoaho (at your service!).
  • A geek living in Finland. Working on cybersecurity field. My employer is Loihde Trust. A tittle is ‘Principal Cloud Architect’ – or sometimes ‘Principal Microsoft Security Architect’. Whatever. On the business card (think about that! I really got some when boarded) it’s just ‘The Cloud Guy’ – and that I do love.
  • Previously I was working for Microsoft as CSA (Cloud Solutions Architect), or should I mention that I was “Senior” CSA. Wow. And prior Microsoft I did work for VMware as Global Solution Consultant.

Why not to connect ‘bro (or ‘sis, even with more pleasure)?

You can find me from LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/isoaho) or Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/sami.isoaho). From Instagram you can find me looking for @sisoaho – or just clicking https://www.instagram.com/sisoaho/.

And you are welcome to sent me an email too! It’s just my firstname at my domain (I think you can guess that ;).

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