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Welcome – and short introduction

Thanks for joining my blog. Really appreciated. I am writing that for you. The idea behind that blog is to re-use ideas and lessions learned. Maybe also do some networking. Unfortunately, most of the recent content has been written/spoken in Finnish. After MS and VMW I had been working with Finnish customers. Or at least I had been asked to speak and/or write articles in Finnish (there are not so many doing that @Finland compared to global audience). Still, I’ll try to update best parts in English too.

Besides Security, Azure and Microsoft stuff I am planning to share something about Finland to you. So, next time you are joining Igloo Conf maybe we can meet live. 😉

A few word about me and my contact details you can find here.


Olen yrittänyt kasailla koulutuksia, juttuja ja julkaisuja joita olen työstänyt, tänne siinä toivossa, että niistä voisi olla jollekin jotain iloa.

Heitä viestiä, jos sinulla on mielessäsi joku aihe, josta haluaisit lisätietoja. Tällä saitilla on vain pieni raapaisu valmiista matskuistani.