Some blog articles written in English, check the Finnish ones too – if you can Finnish. 😉

What is that… the Cloud?

Once again I was asked if the Cloud is just some other people’s computer. It’s funny but I actually like that statement. I have a T-shirt with that printed on it. I like it because it’s so stupid – and still there is a small grain of truth in that. The problem with that thinking…

Microsoft Ignite 2021 – the first day

Microsoft Ignite is here again. Did I write ‘here’? That was not the best way to formulate. ‘It’s now streaming’ is much better. Ignite – like many other gigaevents – is transferred to virtual format. For a geek like me this is just fine. No need to fly and travel. Just sitting down to my…

Welcome and thanks for all the fish

I am very happy you did visit my blog. This is made for you, I mean. You know, what would be the reason to spent time writing articles just for me. I love to read and I do read a lot. But my own text? No thanks. It’s quite boring (I do already know what…

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