“A rare speciality: entrepreneurial mindset on the corporate friendly box.

Cloud architect with strong will-do spirit and long experience.”

Sami Isoaho, at your service!

During my career I have been involved with over 10 startups – and successfully created career in the largest IT companies on the field.

I have been working with virtualization over 15 years, over 8 years with private and public clouds and now last 2 years with cybersecurity.

Jotain juttuja menneisyydestä

Tietotalo (yksi startupteistani), täältä vielä vuosien jälkeen näkyvillä oleva lehtijuttu. Ja kurkkaa myös vuosikertomus 2004.

Biometrisestä tunnistamisesta (voin heittää slidet)

Lisää sitten jonain päivänä…

Tietoturva- tunnustus 2021

TIVIn artikkeli, pilvi on tietoturvalle hyppy keskiajalta moderniin kaupunkiin

Muita startuppeja uran varrelta: GoFinland, internet-operaattori ClariNET joka toimi Saunalahteen liittymiseen saakka.

A bit of working history

Hired gun / Entrepreneur @ Soljakka
(2020 – )
Working with interesting projects (mostly outside of Finland), always curious and wanting to learn more.

Principal Cloud Architect @ Loihde Trust
(2020 – )
Loihde Trust is a security technology solution provider. I am working as a principal architect. Ask me more, if you like! 😉

Senior Cloud Solution Architect (CSA) @ Microsoft
(2016 – 2020)
I was the proud member of world largest Customer Success Unit (CSU). My role was combination of evangelism and customer dedicated architecture. My speciality area was Azure infrastructure and networking as well as cloud security related topics.

Global Solutions Consultant @ VMware
(2012 – 2016)
I was part VMware Global presales team focusing on telco customers. Work was nice combination of hands-on things (PoC’s etc.), presales (presentations, RPI/RFP and customer meetings) and evangelism (conferences, exhibitions etc.).

CIO, Finland @ Dentsu-Aegis Network
(2010 – 2012)
Dentsu-Aegis was one of my oldest customers from 90’s. After long consulting relationship I ended up to being employee. There was huge outsourcing project. Busy 2 years but successful. A lot of hands-on too (VMware, IT management, SCCM, NW, Security etc.).